Protected: Good SEO is More Than Just Keywords

Good search engine optimization, or SEO, is the culmination of many things done right. It’s more than just keyword rankings and traffic. That’s part of it, sure. But it’s also about getting qualified traffic that converts. And although I’m sure...

Where to begin?

Do either of these scenarios sound familiar? You’ve got a site that was built hastily and pushed live because “having something is better than nothing”. You “inherited” an old site that hasn’t been updated in years. Once you decide...

4 Mistakes That I See All Too Often

By this point in my career, I’ve worked on more sites than I care to remember. While very few sites are what I would consider “perfect”, I’m still surprised at the number of sites I see that seem to be missing some of the very basics.

Here are 4 mistakes that I see far too often.

You Can’t Test Everything

When it comes to internet marketing, testing is the name of the game. Testing is an invaluable tool, whether you’re testing a new link building strategy, PPC landing page or eMail marketing campaign. In order to better hone your craft & improve your results you need to find out what works and what doesn’t.

Leadership & Execution

From time to time, one of my clients will ask me “What are your most successful clients doing that we’re not doing?” or “What’s the secret sauce?”, as if I’m holding out on them. Here’s the thing – it doesn’t matter how many great ideas I throw your way or how many marketing plans we come up with. The biggest difference between my clients who are KILLING it and the ones who are just ‘doing okay’ is pretty simple…